Armani Exchange Releases 3D Glasses for Theater Viewing

The 3D movies have made a comeback and there is a definite need for 3D glasses if you love to watch the movie in a theatre. Gucci had released a pair of fancy 3D glasses last year and they had been well received by an appreciative clientele. But a segment of the consumers found it to be too rich and very expensive. There is good news for them as a new option has hit the market.

The new pair of 3D glasses are equally stylish but a less pricey option when compared to the Gucci 3D glasses. This pair has been released by Armani Exchange and it is the first ever 3D Glasses to come out of their stable. The slim-stemmed specs with the 1980s retro styling meet the highest standards required for 3D movie theater viewing and come with their own carrying case.

The A|X Armani Exchange is accessible Armani. It is the youthful label created by the Italian designer Giorgio Armani. The brand was launched in 1991 in the US and is one of the leading fashion brands of the world today. It designs, manufactures, distributes and retails fashion and lifestyle products through 140 stores worldwide. The A|X Armani Exchange 3D Glasses are available now and sell for $58.

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