Amosu Couture Brings out a Pink and Glittery iPhone

While standing the risk of stereotyping, I will go ahead and say that most girls love all things pink and glittery. Many might disagree with this statement but Amosu Couture believes in this long standing stereotype and has gone ahead and brought out an Apple iPhone 4 with embedded Swarovski crystals and a matching rose pink back. The occasion for this is the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

The Amosu Couture Valentine Pink Swarovski iPhone 4 has been bejewelled with over 500 Swarovski crystallized element stones stuck over its frame. These guys have even brought out a pink iPad and pink Blackberry. The pink iPhone 4 comes with a price tag of £2,699 (about $4,355), while the pink iPad and pink Blackberry comes for £1,995 and £1,300 respectively.

Well the Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and this might be a great gift for your girl. But be sure that she loves a pink and glittery gadget. If not then you could just give them the usual iPhone, iPad or Blackberry. And you also have to notice that the price tag will not be very light on your pocket. But if that is not an issue then go ahead and get this cute gift for your lady love.

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