The Golden Casket company Gifts Zsa Zsa Gabor a Golden Casket

Though I personally find the whole idea of choosing your own casket a bit morbid, many people do that. Infact in some cultures it is considered to be a sign of love and respect if family members choose a good casket for their elders and show it to them before they die. I guess some people want to make sure that they go in style as well. Plus with everything getting blinged up these days, it comes as no surprise that people are getting luxury caskets as well.

We heard of Michael Jackson’s gold plated casket and I guess that suited him considering how he loved all things grand and extravagant. And apparently there is this company, simply called The Golden Casket that can get a similar gold-plated coffin for you or your near and dear ones. This company recently sent a free gold-plated casket to yesteryears actress and socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor.

She recently made a public appearance with her ninth husband, Frederic Prinz von Anhalt who was behind her pushing the wheelchair. The 93 year old was looking frail. I wonder how she felt upon receiving the casket, happy that she will leave the world surrounded by so much opulence or upset. Well these were the words in the letter accompanying the casket:

We would like to honor Zsa Zsa Gabor by providing an exquisite, handcrafted, pure 24k gold casket. We believe Zsa Zsa would want to be forever remembered as she has always been in life — beautiful, elegant, uncompromising and completely original.

Via: TMZ

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