Hammacher’s Cockpit Flight Simulator is as Real as any Simulated Flight Can be

Hammacher Schlemmer’s Cockpit Flight Simulator as the name suggest is the flight simulator that is installed into a cockpit, which provides the players with flight controls that are found in actual aircrafts! Be it the fore/aft or the left/right movement of the yoke controls pitch, and the toggles and buttons, they let you have the exact same navigation and radio options as in the real thing. The thrust levers and dual rudder pedals also give a realistic throttle and yaw.

Thanks to the surround system with five audio speakers and a subwoofer underneath the seat, the sound created is the same as in a flight. The padded flight seats with optimal seat angle and distance from the pedals have also been imitated. Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X Gold, the best flight simulation software for computers is available with the Dell Studio XPS with Windows 7. With this software one can choose from 23 aircrafts from the Piper Cub to the Boeing 747-800.

Players can complete over 70 simulated missions in the air, that are geographically and topographically accurate. The 28” wide screen LCD monitor in front the seat offers 1080i high-definition resolution. There is also a 20″ LCD monitor below that displays the instrument panels. It is as real as any simulated flight can be.

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