Museums engage in ‘Creative’ Rivalry for the Upcoming Super Bowl XLV

It is not everyday that you see two museums placing bets on a Super Bowl match, or for that matter any sporting event. But a very unlikely event has been taking place at the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Art. Art critic Tyler Green has started this bet between the museums in which the winner gets an artwork from the other museum’s collection. So this year if the Packers win, the Carnegie Museum will have to send their “Bathers with Crab” by Renoir to Milwaukee Art Museum.

And in case the Steelers win, “Boating on the Yerres” by Gustav Caillebotte will be sent over to Carnegie for a temporary loan, where visitors will be able to admire the new visitor. Last year the participants were Indianapolis Museum of Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art.

“The Fifth Plague of Egypt”, 1800, a landscape by British artist J.M.W. Turner was sent over from the Indianapolis Museum of Art to the New Orleans Museum of Art, where it spent a few months along with a Lombardi-trophy-shaped sign commemorating the victory. Well it is certainly a much more creative way of showing your rivalry, which by the way is heating up with the Super Bowl XLV coming up in a week.

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