The Dunhill Biometric Wallet is Secure and Virtually Indestructible

It is likely that your pocket has been picked sometime or the other and it left a bad taste in your mouth, and you wished to do something to ensure that it never happens with you again. It has happened with practically every one of us and sensing the potential demand a biometrically secured wallet has been developed.  The luxury brand Dunhill is behind this development.

The Dunhill Biometric Wallet combines a biometric finger reader with a bluetooth alarm and carbon fiber frame to ensure no one can crack into it without destroying it. The owner must keep the Bluetooth alarm activated and the wallet will sound an alert everytime it moves more than five feet away from the phone it has been synchronized with. Sounds very high tech and appropriate for a James Bond movie.

The focus of this wallet is on the security aspect and the technology involved so the aspect of its looks and appearance has been ignored. It doesn’t look bad but is not great looking either. The high tech wallet by Dunhill has been priced at $825. Some of the consumers might feel that Dunhill is also trying to pick the consumer’s pocket but you must look at it as an one time investment for future security.

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