Fabric Innovation and Development Amaze Like Science Fiction

The top fashion brands and designers are always experimenting with new fabrics to get the right feel or the right look. Even special fabrics get made for a special purpose. Prada recently used polyamide, usually used for fencing to get the right density for the men’s jacket for their autumn show. Some of the new fabrics being created these days sound like the stuff of science fiction.

Moncler, an outerwear brand recently developed an ultra light nylon fabric that weighs just 40gm per meter. You realize how light it is when you compare it with Egyptian cotton that could weigh as much as 800gm per meter. Waterproof tweed has been developed for skiwear. Ermenegildo Zegna has developed suit fabric with a yarn count of 600, which is the highest ever, but weighs in at just 145gms per meter. A colored fabric made from Australian wool can now reflect the sunlight like a white material and reduce body temperature by as much as 10° Celsius.

The high street brand Uniglo is launching a collection of protective clothing with UV ray-blocking material, underwear designed to support posture and a summer vest range made of moisture-regulating material. Japan has generally been at the forefront of fabric innovation but an interesting concept has been developed in England. London-based designer Manel Torres unveiled the world’s first spray-on garment in collaboration with Imperial College London. Cute Circuit made the lit up ball gown for Katy Perry with LED light woven into the fabric. We will keep seeing more innovations and high tech fabrics in the future.

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