Volkswagen XL1 Concept Car is Soon Going to be a Reality

The Volkswagen XL1 car definitely looks the earthly transport tool of a Star Wars warrior. Apart from its awe-inspiring design, another thumbs up factor here is that is soon going to step out from the realm of ‘concept’ and soon going to hit the production mills.

This Formula XL1 concept can be driven by battery alone for sometime and when you run out of that juice, there are two tiny cylinder diesel engines for the extra miles. The hybrid car gives an excellent mileage of 260 miles per gallon and thus it gets billed as the most efficient car to be sold soon. The first production batch will consist of 100 and will be available to German folks upfront. Later it would hit the American roads if at all there is a demand shortfall in Germany chances of which look very very slim to me. These are yet to be put to crash and emission test which means that there are tons of other clearances also.

Well, we are definitely going to be on a watch for more updates. I really hope these become available soon in substantial numbers. For now you can feast on the impressive pictures of this futuristic car.


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