Christofle Transforms a USB Key into a Stylish Accessory

The creative genius of a designer lies in his ability to take a simple thing and turn it into an elegant thing of value. USB keys today have become an essential accessory like pens and watches that we need to carry with us all the time. Christofle, a French luxury brand, in association with La Cie, a leading manufacturer of storing devices has created the Galet USB. It is shaped like a pebble and hand crafted with a radiant silver plated finish.

Christofle has a unique 150 year old silvering process and each piece of Galet is individually plated with silver. Technologically speaking the Galet is not a unique USB but a standard one with capacity to hold 4GB of data. To make it more secure La Cie Private-Public software with password protection has been incorporated in the Galet. Your private and personal data and photographs are safe with the Galet.

The designer USB Galet is available at the Christofle boutiques across the world. La Cie also sells it through their online store. The Gale has been priced at £94.99 which might sound steep compared to standard USBs but when you compare with what you pay for luxury lifestyle designer products it is very reasonable. And afterall this luxurious and stylish USB key will be noticed more than a luxury watch.

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