‘Private Speech’ Office Lounge By Mewaf A Boon For Confidential Meetings

Bulgarian manufacturer Mewaf is known for its innovative office concepts. The company is constantly reinventing itself by producing great new solutions for the office space. The latest from the Mewaf front is the Face2Face “Private Speech” lounge.

The specialist in workspaces has always endeavoured to come up with solutions that will boost the productivity of employees while focussing on work that involves concentration, collaboration and communication. The new Face2Face “Private Speech” lounge is a continuation of this endeavour. The new lounge is part of the Modular Metrix System line from Mewaf.

These modular office spaces are partitioned by walls that are 2.2 metres high. Each section has integrated lighting. These lounges are easier to displace as compared to, say, the cockpit type. As with other Mewaf lounges, each unit includes a set of built-in ergonomic chairs and desk, all of which are fully adjustable. Also, anti-stain fabric has been incorporated into the new lounges. So even if someone drops coffee, a little water will wash away the stain completely.

To me, the main attraction of the new lounges is the acoustic factor. The Face2Face “Private Speech” lounge is designed so that confidential meetings can remain confidential. Acoustic panels integrated into the back of the lounge unit ensures that sound does not travel outside.

Mewaf has been providing customised office solutions to clients based on budget and needs for the past fifteen years. The physical features of an office space can go a long way in improving communication and productivity, and the new lounge succeeds in this respect.

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