Julian King Architect Puts Up a Clear Polycarbonate Sphere Above the Thames River

Every evening in London, you can now see a moon just above the Thames River. You may soon realize that it is not the real moon because it remains at the same spot every day but it is no less beautiful. Perched amid the rooftops of London, between the Thames River and the sky above, it is a sphere of clear polycarbonate designed by Julian King Architect.

The sphere has a diameter of 7 meters and has a complete room inside with 42 square meter space. The sphere has been joined together by aluminum rings that have been strategically positioned like the four meridians of earth. Visitors are allowed inside the sphere to enjoy the magnificent view. After entering you ascend a gentle ramp to the raised floor. Inside, a central sky-lit shower is encircled by a 180° riverside seat. A queen sized bed has been placed on the south overlooking a roof garden.

The shell of the sphere is covered with photo-voltaic, solidified drops of silicon on transparent film, in the shape of the continents of the Earth. It fulfills the energy requirement of the room. There are LEDs on the interior surface. It is their glow at night that gives the impression of moon when seen from a distance. Moon or no moon, it is a beautiful sight.

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