Buben & Zorweg Create a Watch Winder Inspired by Yachts and Automotive Classics

This is not a product created for everybody. After all how many of us can afford to pay over $50,000 for a watch winder? Yes the Buben & Zorweg Python V12 Watch Winder is priced at $55,500. It is for those select few who have a large collection of high end luxury watches that you can’t possibly wear all of them.

This watch winder is targeted for those watch lovers who are particular about keeping their precious collection in good condition because each of the watches could be a collector’s item. The design of the Python V12 watch winder has been inspired by yachts and automotive classics. It comes in two sizes with compartments for 12 or 36 watches. The nauseatingly extravagant winder highlights four of the watches with LED lighting.

The winder features a weather station, humidor and a bar with hand stitched Italian leather and high gloss walnut accents. It is not one of those table top designs but a standalone design that would look great standing next to that solid gold grandfather clock. The winder with a bar is ideal for showing off your watch collection to a guest over a drink or two.

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