Death Spray Custom makes your gas cans look like designer bags!

Now who would have thought of a luxury gas can! Those simple red ones were good enough for most of us mortal creatures. But I guess it wasn’t for some ultra rich folks out there. You are out of gas and stranded on a road with no network on your diamond encrusted phone to help you call help from the tow company. What are the options do you have? Nothing but to get that red gas can out of the trunk and walk all the way to a gas station and get some gas! Imagine the horror! Not a horror emerging from the realization that you are stranded on a lonely highway, but the horror of carrying that plebeian gas can! But you don’t have to worry about getting into such an “embarrassing” situation.

Death Spray Custom will make for you custom-made luxury gas cans. The one in the picture above actually looks like a YSL bag! There is one that has the Chanel sign on it as well. If they were actually designer gas cans then I think that would have been the ultimate! You can check out their website. They have some pretty funky customized stuff other than the gas cans.

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