$35,000 Dandy Trunk Comes With A Built-in iPad Holder And Much More

Get ready for the world’s most expensive iPad case. Okay, it does hold several things other than your beloved iPad, but its iPad holder is the USP of this new trunk designed by luggage designers T.T. Trunks.

The new made-to-order trunk by T.T. Trunks goes by the name of Dandy Trunk. And it is set to become the new “it” thing in high-end luggage. Built entirely by hand, the Dandy Trunk has a power pack in which to store your mobile phones. There are also separate compartments where you can stow away essentials. Since, this is a bag for connoisseurs, there are compartments to store cigars and alcohol too. There’s more for those who love their spirits – you’ll find a whiskey decanter and glasses in the central compartment of the trunk. Another attraction is the section housing poker chips, two decks of playing cards and a foldable poker table. Does it really get any better than this?

In fact, it does. The $35,000 Dandy Trunk is neat and compact and has been created by the some of the finest craftsmen in Europe. The highest-quality wood, canvas and leather has been put to use to create the trunk. The skeleton of the trunk is built of solid brass and buyers can have this plated with nickel, palladium or 24-karat gold. Even some of the drawers can be customised according to the buyer’s needs.

Last year we were all brimming with excitement about the numerous luxe iPad cases entering the scene. The Dandy Trunk may not exactly qualify as an iPad case, but luxury-loving iPad users have another product to lust after.

Via: JustLuxe.com

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