Presotto Italia Presents Luxurious & State Of The Art DAMA TV Doors With Built In HDTV

Forget feng shui, the modern household nowadays is fast transforming into as perfect combination of beautiful aesthetics fused with state of the technology. The traditional factors involving the construction of a house are now being replaced by a hunger for luxury and comfort, to the extent that, people are ready to pay huge sums of money to make their homes as tech supportive as possible. Now, one of the foremost Italian companies in the furniture vertical, Presotto Italia, has announced the launch of an all new sensational product, that will not only satisfy your need for luxury, but is also a technical marvel at the same time.

We are talking about the all new range of DAMA TV doors, that have been designed and developed to bring out the best out of your wardrobe region, at the same time providing you with unmatched entertainment potential. Dama 2 and Dama TV sliding door wardrobes from Presotto consist of four panels and these panels can either be fitted with a lacquered glass panel, or if you are more into technology, then you can even opt for a Loewe 32″ HD Ready LCD TV, that fits neatly in one of the two middle sections. These sliding door wardrobes have been designed to hide the HDTV cables inside the wardrobe itself and the casings come with concealed handles. The Dama 2 and Dama TV sliding door wardrobes can be ordered in matt or gloss lacquer, wood veneer or color wood, or in gold or silver leaf.

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