Hermes Presents Petit h, High-End Jewelry and Object Made From Cutting Floor Waste

They aren’t calling it recycling but upcycling, Hermes is cobbling together defective inventory and factory-floor leftovers to create what some are calling “unidentified poetic objects. A collection has been created under the direction of Pascale Mussard who is the great- great-great-granddaughter of Thierry Hermès. Leather scraps have been turned into a dramatic necklace. A teapot spout has been transformed into a jewelry hangar. The collection has been named “Petit h”.

Thierry Hermes made a name for himself fashioning harnesses and bridles. Several generations later, the family is fighting off a hostile takeover bid and trying to transform waste into aesthetically appealing objects. Their Petit h collection was first presented in November at the Hermès flagship store at 24 Rue de Faubourg, Paris, where it was offered until Dec. 4. The collection is the result of collaboration between the company’s craftspeople and several notable artists and designers.

Hermes has made recycling luxurious. They have taken up defective merchandise and cutting-floor waste and turned them into high-end jewelry and decorative accessories. A second collection is scheduled for Tokyo and Osaka in May, and a third will be made available in New York and Beverly Hills sometime in October. It is a successful experiment that the others will emulate.

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