Park Slope’s Famous Grand Prospect Hall Harbors Hotel Dreams

Hotels are not usually known by their cheesy adverts, but Grand Prospect Hall is not your run-of-the-mill hotel. Located in Brooklyn’s Park Slope area, the Grand Prospect Hall is best known for the advertisement where owners Michael and Alice Halkias promise, “We’ll make your dreams come true.” Currently, the Halkias are chasing a dream themselves, that of establishing a new upscale hotel next door to the Grand Prospect Hall. The new hotel that the Halkias are dreaming of will have 11 storeys and 150-rooms. The Halkias hope to take on the likes of the new Brooklyn Marriott, which according to Michael Halkias has been cutting into business.

The Grand Prospect Hall has been around for some 118 years and is a popular banquet hall and wedding site. Hotels like the Brooklyn Marriott score over the Grand Prospect Hall because they have rooms on offer as well. In the absence of rooms, the famed Park Slopes landmark has been losing out. That is why the “We’ll make your dreams come true” pair have set out with their hotel dreams.

However, there are a few bridges to cross. There is a six-storey limit on buildings in the area. So the Halkias need a special zoning approval before they can start work on the Hotel Grand Prospect. But Michael Halkias is confident of getting the approval even as visitors continue to queue up to be photographed with the couple from the commercial.

Meanwhile, luxury hotels get to work on a digital makeover to meet the growing consumer demand. But I suppose if you signature slogan like the Grand Prospect Hall, digital reinvention can wait.

Via: NY Daily News

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