Luxury Concierge Firm, Pure Entertainment Group Expands Services Across Continents

One of the premier luxury concierge services, Pure Entertainment Group, has now announced its expansion plans, where in the company will be offering its highly revered concierge services to various popular destinations across Europe, U.S, Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the highlights of these services will be handcrafted travel experiences and VIP amenities. Pure Entertainment Group was founded in the year 2006 in Montreal, Canada and in the last five years, the firm has been able to garner a dedicated high profile clientele, with the credit going to its luxury lifestyle experience services. The company has also stated that, in the last one year, the Pure Entertainment Group has witnessed an astounding growth,  amounting to an incredible 30%.

Pure Entertainment Group has become the most accomplished luxury concierge service in the market and provides a plethora of highly personalized packages, including a private ‘behind the scene tour’ of the Vatican City, private jets flights to the Cannes Film Festival in France etc. and all this is accomplished with the help of the company’s vast worldwide network of A-List suppliers and partners.

According to Steve Edo, (CEO, Pure Entertainment Group,

“Our company is not a traditional concierge company. Our international clientele seek personalization and customization and we create unique experiences for them that they can’t get anywhere else. With Pure Entertainment Group, it’s like having a personal concierge who knows what you want and when you want it. For example, I know many of my clients’ favorite hotels, restaurant, etc. In many cases, even down to the brand of champagne they would prefer.”

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