Water Bottled from Glaciers in Greenland Sell for $50 a Bottle

If you think more expensive means better, then this is for you. You can declare Evian to be ordinary and cheap as the product to displace it from its perch has been launched. The Illuliaq Iceberg Water is the purest of the pure water on this earth and at no price it can be called expensive. It guarantees purity that is difficult to quantify in terms of its value and price.

Illuliaq Iceberg Water, the company claims that the water they are bottling comes from the Sermeq Kujalleg glacier in Greenland. In other words it is icy and pure. More simply put, it is for the consumption of the rich and the famous. The details about the logistics of getting the water from Greenland is not available but elaborate infrastructure would be required to bottle the purity of a glacier.

This high end drinking water is packaged in crystal clear glass bottles that allow the purity of the water to be visible to naked eyes. To eliminate the possibility of a cork interfering with the purity of the water, the cork is also made of glass. The guarantee of purity comes at a price, the Illuliaq Iceberg Water has been priced at $50 per bottle.

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