Rolls Royce is Seriously Considering an Electric Car with Zero Emissions in Time for Olympics

Energy efficiency is not a quality one looks for in a Rolls Royce. At 15 miles to the gallon, the Phantom is hardly a car for the carbon-conscious. But the times are changing and the rich are willing to open their purse even for carbon neutral homes. And in the near future you might have an electric limousine from Rolls Royce that would be rechargeable and more importantly with zero emissions.

BMW is also working on electric and environmentally friendly technology that is scheduled to be showcased at the 2012 Olympics in London. Just before Christmas, the Chief Executive of Rolls Royce had indicated that an electric or alternatively fuelled experimental model would be a good idea. And now he has confirmed that the idea is under serious consideration and a green car for the wealthy could be on the road before the Olympics.

Rolls Royce had a very good year in 2010 when they registered a 171% increase over the 2009 sales. US along with China and UK are the largest markets for Rolls Royce and they have registered significant growth in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions as well. The Ghost models of the car also known as the ‘baby’ Rolls Royce have fuelled the boom in the sales for the car maker. Women are also buying the smaller version in significant numbers.

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