Mattia Congia of University of Genoa Designs Xue 88, a Yacht Suited to Chinese Lifestyle

Xue 88 is a new yacht designed by Mattia Congia, who is the faculty of Architecture at University of Genoa, Italy. It has been designed for the Chinese market specifically and has an exterior that mimics the architectural style of Chinese homes. The entire design of the yacht featuring a wider body configuration, and a super structure, is in conformity to the typical Chinese lifestyle. It has been conceived as a river boat that can be used inside China without going into the high seas.

Mattia Congia has incorporated the Feng Shui design elements also to create an interior that is more suitable for the Chinese lifestyle. It would look unusual to those reviewing standard luxury yachts made in Europe for local residents and owners. Corian and wood has been used as the primary materials for the interior to create a feeling of a tree growing its roots that mingle with the interior space.

The luxury quotient of the yacht is as high as any other contemporary yacht. There are two large cabins on the lower deck for guests with interiors developed to suit Chinese social habits. The upper deck of the yacht features a spa pool area which has been created as a space for promoting mental and physical well being. The hull of Xue 88 has been made from fiberglass and is engineered to cruise in shoal waters.

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