Damien Hirst Comes Up with Another Encrusted Skull, For Heaven’s Sake

Artist Damien Hirst’s latest work of art has offended many as being insensitive. The piece of art is called For Heaven’s Sake, which is an infant’s skull which is cast in platinum and then studded with more than 8,000 pink and white diamonds from the Royal jewelers Bentley & Skinner. Apart from its shocking value it is difficult to imagine why a human skull and that of a baby was used.

Sally Russell of parenting group Netmums feels that it will have a disturbing and profound effect on many people. It seems the skull was bought with a taxidermist arranging it for Hirst. Jude Tyrrell who is the director of Hirst’s art production company, Science Ltd. was defensive and accepted that it is a delicate matter. But she still thought it was beautiful even though slightly odd and strange to look at.

Hirst had done a similar work in 2007. It was again a diamond studded skull costing a cool £50 million and was titled For the Love of God. It had a pink diamond set at its forehead costing £4.2 million alone. At that time it had achieved the distinction of being the most expensive contemporary artwork.  That is perhaps the reason why he has followed it up with this skullduggery.

Via: leroyspinkfist.blodspot, telegraph

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