Next Great Place Allows You to Customize Your Next Family Vacation

Tom Filippini is a travel industry veteran who has established his luxury travel service in Denver, Colorado. He has named the startup Next Great Place as he says people always asked him ‘what is the next great place’? Tom believes, that more than the place it is the experience and the environment created for you that matters. His new travel service allows clients to customize their own getaways.

Clients are free to tailor their vacations to the last detail like suits with granite countertops in the kitchen or, personal ski instructors for the kids or a week’s worth of four-star restaurant reservations. There is an overload of information online and Tom believes that his site is the perfect place to book high end family vacations. He says that unique travel can often become complex and his concept is designed to solve that conundrum.

Filippini pointed out that he has to face very specific demand such as the size of the toilet and whether the seat slams down or lowers slowly. They have created documentation in great detail. Next Great place does not operate on commission nor does it charge the vendors a listing fee. Their revenue model is based on the annual subscription the members pay to avail of their services.

Via: reuters

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