CES 2011: Presenting An All new Mattress With An In Built Massager From Vivon Life

Apart from a wide range of gadgets and gizmos at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 (CES 2011) in Las Vegas, there are also products that are have conceived especially for the general household and consumers’ comfort. One such product is the all new Vivon Prestige luxury mattress from one of the innovator of lifestyle mattress systems, Vivon Life. This incredible mattress is not only comfortable, but it also is the first ever mattress to have an in built massager, thereby creating a carefully constructed symphony of state of the art technology and elegant living. The Vivon Prestige luxury mattress has been developed in collaboration with Brookstone massage, a name known worldwide as a product development firm and a prestigious retailer of unique products

The Vivon Prestige luxury mattress powered by Brooskstone massage comes with five different massage modes and the entire mattress has been embedded with six motors, that have been placed strategically, so as to provide the users with an even massage covering the entire body including, shoulders, back and legs. Furthermore, Vivon Life has made it possible for the consumers to select their own settings for the massages via a remote control for the mattress. The remote allows you to center the massage on specific parts of your physique and you can even create combinations of up to three regions at one time. The massage modes for the Vivon Prestige are composed of vibration, rolling waves and three different types of pulse massage, that have been devised on the principles of Shiatsu massage style.

According to Dennis Sones (Chief Marketing Officer, Vivon Life),

“What initially comes to mind when you mention mattress-massagers are those antiquated motel beds that had a frame that literally shook the mattress, one-quarter at a time.  The breakthrough innovation here is that because the massage modules are built into the mattress, the massage experience is right next to your body.  It’s like having your own professional massage therapist, on-call, with the touch of a button. When you’re not in the mood for massage, the mattress feels like a luxury mattress; you don’t feel or see the massage modules in it.  It’s there when you need it and not noticeable when you don’t.”

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