CES 2011: Audi Unveils The All New MMI Touch For Audi A3

The world of technology has touched nearly every aspect of our lives and with the exponential growth in research and development of cutting edge new technologies, you can take our word for it, that, very soon, nearly everything in our daily lives will so simplified, it would be just magical. Same applies to the automobile industry, that even after being hit severely during the 2009 global recession, continues to make strides in sales as well as technological advancements. One of the foremost names in the luxury car market, Audi, has now unveiled the much anticipated MMI Touch technology at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 (CES 2011) in Las Vegas and will be bringing this remarkable feature to the next generation Audi A3.

MMI, short for Multi Media Interface is a state of the art in car infotainment system, that has been designed to bring entertainment, navigation and other features onto a singular platform. Audi has now taken a leap in the MMI technology, by bringing the all new MMI Touch series, where in the new system will come with a capacitive touch screen that would most probably be infused with the MMI scroll wheel of the system. Audi MMI Touch is powered by Nvidia Tegra processor, that is currently the lifeline of numerous tablets and netbooks. With the integration of Nvidia, it could very well be possible that, consumers would now get more detailed 3D maps via Google Earth on their Audi MMI Touch systems. Furthermore, the new MMI Touch will feature handwriting recognition as well as hand scrolling, that would provide support for panning, zooming and other functions.

The all new MMI Touch infotainment system will be available on the next generation Audi A3 model and is expected to up and ready for launch by the year 2013.

Via Autoblog

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