World’s Most Expensive Tuna Auctioned Off in Japan

Tuna is not really my favourite food, but then again I don’t like seafood in general. However, there are several people who wouldn’t mind spending an extra buck on this rather exotic fish in order to get a mouthful. This time around, to satisfy the needs of the luxury consumer, Japanese fish markets have begun to sell exotic fish.

One of the fish that was caught off the cast of Japan landed in the Tsujiki central fish market and the bluefin tuna fish fetched the highest price at an auction this Wednesday. A Tokyo sushi bar decided to purchase it fr an astounding 32.49 million yen, or nearly $400,000. The tuna weighs 324 kilograms and is one of the largest fish ever caught.

It was caught near Toi in Hokkaido which is known for its freezing climate as well, at this time of the year. The town is known for the exotic and fragrant bluefin tuna which is exported across the world. This fish however did not get lucky to travel overseas, but instead ended up at a sushi bar in the Japanese capital. It would be interesting how much a serving of this fish would cost, to know.

Via: WSJ

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