Bottega Gets a Designer to Create Amarone Bottega for the Luxurious Experience

Can you get a designer to design a wine? Distilleria Bottega has done just that. They have teamed up with American designer Denise Focil to create a luxury wine. The name they have put to the new creation does sound like it is the creation of a designer – Amarone Bottega, Il vino Prêt-á-porter. The contribution of the designer seems to be more in the packaging. It reminds one of a vintage suitcase.

The bottle features a white leather label and is nestled in a white leather case embellished with debossed black lettering. Focil’s speciality is leather and the case and the label has her signature touch. She is very popular with the Hollywood stars and has been creating exciting leather jackets for them for a decade now.  The case is encrusted with metal studs. The leather case, no doubt, adds to the luxurious experience.

Amarone Bottega is a red wine created from a mixture of different vines. The dominant part is Veronese Corvina which form 40 to 70% of the wine. Rondinella grapes is the next important part and 5 to 25% is Molinara grapes. The final product is a rich full-bodied wine with a flowery bouquet and also a slight hint of almonds, with a noticeable touch of spice.

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