A Panda Cow Born in a Farm in Colorado Could be Exported to China for $30,000

Richard Gradwohl is a farmer from Covington, Washington. He plays God on his farm and does some serious genetic engineering. More than engineering it is genetic manipulation that results in unique creatures that would fascinate anyone. The latest in the series of unique animals on the farm is a miniature cow that has very distinct features like a Panda. A rare miniature cow with markings similar to a panda bear has been born on a farm in northern Colorado.

The so called Panda Cow is actually a male calf and has been named Ben. It is not the only one of its type but there could be 23 more of the species in the world. The mother of the new born calf is a Lowline Angus cow. It is actually farmer Chris Jessen who specializes in raising miniature cattle. He has a miniature kangaroo on his farm.

Mr Gradwohl, while talking to the press, mentioned about a visit by a Chinese delegation who were fascinated by the new calf. They would like to have it in China and Ben could be exported for a price of $30,000. This Panda Cow is claimed to be a composite of eight different breeds. A white belt encircles the animal’s midsection, and the cow has a white face with black ovals around the eyes, giving it a panda-like appearance.

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