Air Partner Offers Jet Card for 25 Hours of Luxury Travel

Air Partner, the luxury charter service provider, has extended their Christmas 2010 offer as New Years Eve 2011 offer. They are offering a Jet Card which is basically a membership card that entitles you to a total of 25 hours of flight and can be used at your will. You are free to plan your vacation or your business trip according to your liking and convenience. The availability of an aircraft, as per your schedule, is guaranteed by Air Partner.

Even in this busy travel season Air Partner have made fool proof arrangements to make a suitable aircraft available for your last minute vacation program. There are three categories of membership cards offered by Air Partner. The Very Light Jet Card offers short flights for 25 hours of on-board experience and can accommodate 4-5 passengers for a charter price of $142,623. The Super Midsize Jet Card is suitable for a group consisting of 8 to 9 passengers and the cost is $307,695.

The last category is the Global Jet Card that offers 737 or Airbus A319 aircrafts with seating, bedroom and bathroom with shower for 14, 20 and sometimes over 30 passengers will cost 508,478 for 25 hours. Even if you cancel your travel plan at the last moment your unused hours remain intact for future use.

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