Imperial Glass by Diamond in Glass is a Work of Art

The name Imperial Glass is the most appropriate for this Diamonds in Glass creation. This champagne glass is clearly a work of art. The way gold and a sizeable diamond has been combined with glass is a work of genius. The final look of the glass is so regal that you simply cannot take your eyes off it. And you guessed it right; it is the most expensive champagne glass in the world.

The Imperial Glass is made for most challenging requirements. The top of the glass is sober with no frills or color. The artistic craftsmanship and the value come from the bottom of the glass. 180 grams of gold has been used to create the exquisitely ornamental stem. It has been handmade with extreme care by Tauerngold who are known for their exquisite designs in gold.

Diamonds with a total of 8,1ct have been partly set in the golden stem and partly implemented according to the Diamond in Glass process. The price of the champagne glass is 65,000 Euros. Considering the amount of gold and diamond user to create the glass, it sounds reasonable. Diamond in Glass offer to design the perfect glass tailor made to your demands.

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