Embellished with Pure Gold, Tata Nano Goldplus to be Launched in April 2011

Tata Group is one of the oldest and most diversified business houses in India. Titan Industries is into branded jewelry and Tata Motors are into automobile and their Nano is the cheapest car in the world. To celebrate the 5000th anniversary of Indian jewelry both the companies of the Tata Group are coming together to launch the first pure gold jewelry car coined as the Goldplus Nano by April-May 2011.

Titan Industries launched a month-long campaign in November and invited designs for the proposed Nano Goldplus. Thirteen designs from across the country competed for becoming India’s first jewelry car. People voted online to select the winner amongst the competing designs. The winner, who received 500,000 votes, was announced on December 24th. A Nano car will be embellished as per the winning design, in pure gold, at the manufacturing plant of Titan Industries at Hosur near Bangalore.

The sale of Nano has been dropping steadily in the recent months and it could sell only 509 units in the entire month of November. The marketing team of Tata Motors is hoping that the Nano Goldplus would revive the dipping interest of the consumers in the small car. And Titan Industries have come forward to help.

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