Electrolux’s Keyhole Hob perfect for Chinese cooking

Electrolux has brought out some really great kitchen appliances in the past and continues to do so. The company recently received the prestigious gold awards at the Singapore Design Awards 2010 for their Electrolux Keyhole Hob and the Electrolux Ebony Kitchen Collection. This kitchen collection has been designed with Asian cooking in mind. With the Asian markets in mind, this was launched earlier this year in China.

The unique keyhole-shaped induction and gas hob are ideal for Asian cooking. It requires discerning stir-frying skills as well as precise soup simmering and that is what you will get with this Electrolux Keyhole Hob. The gas is perfect for wok cooking and the induction is just right for simmering cooking. The keyhole shape design is a reflection of European influence, but Electrolux has perfected it for Asian cooking. Such a beautiful amalgamation is difficult to find.

As you can see from the pics, the design is very sleek and will look great in your kitchen. Chinese cuisine is quite demanding, and the heat and induction can really do wonders to the taste of your dish. Ask any professional chef and they will agree. So if you want to make your Chinese dishes taste yumm, then do have a look at this Electrolux product.

Via: DesignSuccess

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