Apple Lisa 1 Fetches $15,0000 in Recent Auction

Recent auction of Apple Lisa 1 on ebay once again proved that Apple and Mac cult will never go out of vogue. Apple Lisa 1 is one of the earlier computers which was created and launched by Apple way back in 1983. It is indeed surprising to see this old rare computer back for auction and fetching whooping $15,000 much more than latest models. Well, in the history of computers and Apple, Apple Lisa 1 is a priceless treasure, it is an important mile stone.

Many centuries from now, when history of computers will be written and museums will be dedicated to the technological evolution, Apple Lisa 1 will hold a place of pride because it was first commercial computer with Graphic User Interface. This unique computing machine was assembled and developed over more than two years. It was improvised version of Apple II and the design later evolved into modern Macintosh. Apple Lisa 1 had two “Twiggy” drives, the 5.25” floppy drives which were later replaced and updated to 3.5” disk space.

The Apple Lisa 1 which went up for auction on ebay is still in working condition with all original drives. So it is an antique Apple computing machine which has not been upgraded with time. Somethings, especially old models of cars, computers, mobile should be kept intact and not upgraded for sake of mere utility, how else can one preserve moments of history?

via macnn /cult of mac

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