Warren Buffet’s Elder Sister Doris Aims to Give Away her Fortune before She Dies

Doris Buffet is the sister of the famous investor Warren Buffet who is known around the world for making the top list of richest men in the world and for the charity work he has taken up. Doris has also made charity the goal of her life. She has created the Sunshine Lady Foundation with the goal of giving away her fortune before she dies.

There are people who say that Doris has a soft spot for a hard luck story. But it is definitely not true.  She is what could be called a tough philanthropist. She is very organized and focused in what she is doing. She herself says that she works on the retail side of the giving business. She knows who her customers are and can make sure her money is invested in the right places. She claims that she can differentiate between the good people and the players.

Doris is always willing to help those who have been knocked down by life for no fault of their own. She drives away those who have squandered their wealth and want her to bail them out. She has already given away about $120 million which she says is more than half of her target. Causes that touch her heart include help for battered women, programs for children at risk, and education.

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