SofaSofa has Several Hidden Compartments as Storage Space

If you are living in a city where space is at a premium you would like your furniture to double its functionality because at times you simply do not have the space for two different pieces of furniture. The simplest and the most predictable piece of such furniture is the convertible sofa bed. You can fold the bed up as a sofa in the morning and pull the sofa into a bed at night.

There are enormous possibilities in experimenting with storage space. The oversized sofas and couch are more popular today. They offer a lot of scope for utilizing the available space for storage. The SofaSofa you can see in the photograph above is a black and white, striped box style sofa with both seating surface and back support elements featuring hidden storage areas. The most distinct advantage would be the retrieval of dropped coins.

The comfort of the user does not seem to be the primary motive of this design. The focus of the design is to create a piece of home furniture that serves a second purpose. Seen in that perspective, the design seems to be successful in what it set out to achieve.

Via: dornob, baitadesign

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