Skin Inc. Offers Personalized Customized Skin Care Solutions in Hong Kong

Skin Inc. is taking skin care to the next level. The skin care segment is huge and a whole range of companies are competing for a share of the market. Skin Inc. is staying ahead of the competition by personalizing the formulation for an individual. They have opened, what is being called, world’s first skin supplement bar in Hong Kong at Harvey Nichols in The One mall.

Skin Inc. is known around the world for its highly concentrated, customizable serums from Japan. They believe that you cannot take care of skin by simply classifying them into oily, dry and a bit of both. They say it is not enough as every skin is unique and needs to be cared individually according to its characteristics. They claim to create bespoke products to suit individual lifestyles and skin types.

A personalized skin analysis is done for every individual customer that walks into their bar. Skin Inc’s specialists custom formulate a concoction called My Daily Dose which is a blend of three concentrated serums selected from its range. 84 such blends can be created for different skin types. They keep the active ingredients in seaweed capsule to keep them fresh for as long as three years.

Via: iloveskininc

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