The Gold to go Gold Vending Machine Comes to America

Gold to go gold vending machines have come to America. Las Vegas, for obvious reasons is the appropriate choice for installing the first gold vending machine in the country. The ATM like dispensing machine has been installed at an upscale mall in Boca Raton. The shoppers in South Florida can buy gold from a machine in a local mall. This is sure to be an experience.

The first gold vending machine in the world was installed at the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi. The response to this initiative was very good and the machine was busy enough to require replenishment every two days. The result was that these machines started popping up all over Europe. It is very likely that more luxury malls in the US would go in for this machine in the near future.

The Go to gold machine dispenses the gold encased in a small black box with a tamperproof seal. The machine has the software that refigures the price every ten minutes to reflect the real time price of gold. The machine can hold a total of 320 pieces of bars and coins in ten different sizes. Since the value of the gold in the machine is $150,000 an armed bodyguard is in attendance along with live security cameras.

Via:luxist, articles.moneycentral.msn

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