Nike Lunar Orbit Shoes That Sweep Your Feet Right Off the Ground

If you have been planning to indulge in some retail therapy this festive season, I am sure the Lunar Orbit + shoes from Nike’s Sportswear’s Spring ’11 collection will a perfect choice for people with the shoe fetish. The fresh running shoe design has its design inspired for the original Nike Tech Pack Jackets.

The shoe features a three-layer mesh on the upper, an asymmetrical zipper, and a raised geometric upper to optimize aerodynamics. Nathan VanHook, the brain behind the impeccable Aina Chukka design, is known to bring his creativity to these pair of shoes. A lot of detailing has been incorporated here through e lasered sock liner, welded bemis tape, as well as the GPS coordinates of Beaverton. Also, the Oregon etched along the asymmetrical zipper seam is hard to miss.

Fashioned out premium materials, the Lunar Orbit + shoes are characterized by welded bemis tape, coated zippers, smooth premium construction and superior comfort. For some the zippers might be turn off and I don’t think a non-zippie version is on Nike’s cards. Nevertheless the innovation is worth appreciating and suggests some modern Tron movie influences.

Via: AcquireMag

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