Balance between Online and Offline Initiatives to Connect with the Consumer

The internet and the web world is expanding at an increasing rate. The scope seems to be infinite like the outer space. The more you explore, the wider it gets. The online platform has become so influential that it presents a tremendous opportunity to brands; so much so that many now have digital marketing directors and departments tasked with determining the best ways to position the brand to a global and seemingly infinite base of potential customers.

Customers now have a wide range of choice available online. They can browse through engines like ShopStyle, shop via ecommerce, style through sites like Polyvore, try on through technologies like Holition, and attend runway shows (Burberry, Gucci, MaxMara) all while sitting behind their internet-enabled devices. The options are in fact increasing with opportunities of merchandising online or attending a trade show online.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly digital, it’s even more important to establish offline connections with customers and potential customers. Today it feels equally important to discuss how to translate from online to offline. When a user first experiences a brand online it’s critical that the brand image be clearly communicated. However, when this carries through to offline, having a strong sense of synergy will help to reaffirm the brand and establish more meaningful connections.

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