$11 mn Christmas Tree Installed at Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

When the world’s most expensive hotel decides to celebrate Christmas in style, others look on! That is precisely what happened recently when the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi unveiled its $11 million Christmas tree. Yes, you read that right! The tree, which is adorned with golden and silver ornaments, stands at a staggering height of 42 feet.

The tree, though artificial, is pitted to be one of the most attractive items this Christmas because of its dazzle and grandeur. Apart from the precious ornaments, the tree also has a whole lot of jewelry as decoration. With some generous help from a local store, Style Gallery, who provided some gorgeous ear and neck jewels, the tree has been made to look like a million dollars indeed!
From a distance you may just notice the bigger ornaments but a closer look will bedazzle you once you notice the lovely diamonds, pearls, rubies and other precious stones peeping from behind the branches.

Though the hotel is situated in a predominantly Muslim country, the tree has been set up mainly as a tourist attraction. With so much hard work, design and grandeur put into it, the hotel is hoping to set a new record for the most expensively decorated Christmas tree in the world.

Via WSJ Blogs

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