RGM, the Premium Ad Company Grows Stronger Through the Recession

RGM Group is a Venice, California based ad agency that creates and serves ads for premium brands to more than 200 high end publications such as The Los Angeles Times and Fashionista. Generally it is the luxury goods and the advertising are the segments that get affected the most during a recession. But it is not the case with the RMG group. When the recession had set in, RMG was reaching 67 million users via 158 vertically focused publications.

The advertising agency is in a much stronger position today as it is reaching 43% of the total US online audience, along with its partners, and generates 1.5 billion page views a month. In fact these awe inspiring numbers have put RMG on comScore’s list of the top 50 internet audiences. Luxury goods and premium brand advertisers are increasingly turning to internet media to target consumers with substantial disposable income.

Kamran Razavi, the 31-year-old chief executive who founded the company in 2004 claims that the company has been profitable throughout its history and is growing revenues. Glam Media, Travel Ad Network and Conde Naste Digital are some of the other companies that are competing in the same space. Razavi claims that its quality is its main differentiator.

Via: venturebeat

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