The Hublot Ad with a Battered Ecclestone Might Turn into a Campaign

By now everyone knows that Mr. Bernie Ecclestone, a Formula1 team owner was mugged in London. The reason is that he shared his photograph, taken just after he was beaten and robbed, with Mr. Jean-Claude Biver who is the CEO of Hublot. Since Bernie had lost his Hublot also in the incident he had attached a note with the photograph “See what people will do for a Hublot.”

It became an idea for an ad and his note became the tag line for the ad. The photograph in question was taken by his wife just after the incident. It is surprising that Mr. Ecclestone did not loose his sense of humor even after the traumatic incident. Though there is nothing funny about a mugging or someone being attacked but the photograph and the note is simply too rich with dark humor and has been turned into an ad campaign for Hublot Geneve.

The ad was originally prepared for a single appearance in The Financial Times and The International Herald Tribune. Now, it appears that the reality based one-off advertisement will become a campaign. The reasons are obvious as the untouched photograph of the battered victim attracts attention immediately and that’s what you want from an ad.


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