Embody Memory Foam Offers Unprecedented Breathability for a Cooler, more Comfortable Sleep

It is said that you should not compromise while selecting your bed or shoes. You are either in your bed or your shoes. So you must make sure that at least these two things are the most comfortable. More than the bed it is the mattress that has to be comfortable for you to have a restful sleep.  Embody memory foam mattresses feel good and are good for you. It is different than the other innerspring mattresses you are used to.

Embody memory foam offers unprecedented breathability for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. Embody delivers a healthy sleep surface under you and a healthy sleep environment around you. It is more like sleeping in the mattress than on it. It offers you the very pure sleep that is essential for a healthy mind, body and soul.

Embody memory foam uses a proprietary design to allow air to flow through the foam. This design allows for endlessly more breathability and cooler, more comfortable rest not found in other foam mattresses. Embody also features special fabrics by Polartec® that wick away moisture. Keeping the surface dry and, in turn, healthy. Fresh air is about the only thing anyone wants to breathe in their bedroom. That’s why Embody memory foams are free of CFCs and other ozone-depleting chemicals.


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