The Verybest.Com Luxury Awards for 2010 Announced

VERYBEST.COM, as the name suggests is a leading, top ranked magazine that features the very best in luxury from around the world. It is known for its independent and unbiased news and reviews. Content is exclusive and professional, featuring some of the very best and most distinguished brand names from around the globe with the sole aim of providing a trusted luxury guide for the luxury aficionado.

Based at Monte Carlo, Monaco, the magazine features the very best in luxury products, services, people and philanthropy. Products, services or individuals featured in the magazine are invited by the Editor free of charge and with no direct or indirect benefit. The magazine strives to cover all categories of products and services. It covers even areas like education and awards the best college, university or boarding school.

It is the comprehensive nature of the coverage that makes so special and their awards so well respected by one and all. In the field of travel services the award categories are – world’s very best travel agency, best airline, best charter, best cruise liner, best travel guide, best resort and best train. For the best hotel category it covers almost the entire world and recognizes the best hotels in every country that welcomes travelers.

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