Yoko Ono and Hobbs Cashmere Team Up and Launch $1500 John Lennon Sweaters

John Lennon was not just a singer or songwriter, but he was also a critically acclaimed artist in his own right. His paintings and drawings have been exhibited at the New York’s Museum of Modern Art. At the New York’s Museum of Modern Art, one could also find his self portrait which he created in 1971.

Now, Yoko Ono has teamed up with a personal friend to create a unique sweater made of cashmere which features the self portrait in question. Yoko Ono has teamed up with Mr. Patrick Lipshitz, who runs the Hobbs Cashmere in Paris. The first sweater comes with the portrait and the second sweater comes with the lyrics of “Imagine”. Only 100 of these sweaters would be available and sold by Hobbs Cashmere.

They would cost $1,456. If you were a Beatles fan, I am sure you would love this sweater. However, there are many who may think it is just another ploy to make money off a dead singer’s reputation. Of course, there are thousands of Beatles fans who would find the sweater cool, and no offense meant for them. If you are a Beatles fan, head straight to Paris and get one of these sweaters.

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