Takayanagi Miluira Retro EV Turns Retro into Hi-tech

Retro-themed Takayanagi Co. has launched an open-top, electric vehicle made of components that were manufactured ninety percent in Japan. This vintage looking car is actually a modern EV that is green and environmentally friendly. It offers great retro looks and energy efficiency for it uses batteries to run.

The single-seater car has the look of a 1920s model and has the maximum speed of 60km/h. It can be driven in the city for 35 kilo metres with a 12-hour charge and in due course can be upgraded to lithium ion to get the maximum range of speed. Filthy rich guys can afford to buy it by paying $75,400.

The custom made electric vehicle is aiming at the uniqueness by accommodating only the driver with no door, and no top. Takayanagi Miluira Retro EV boasts that its inspiration of a 1920s design.  Usually electric vehicles struggle in the tough competitive market, and functionally the Retro EV is somewhere between a car and a bike.

The company will begin to send deliveries by March of 2011. You could buy it if you really want an expensive but tiny and slow car.

Via: Tree Hugger

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