Get The Best Of Luxury Watches & Jewelry At Great Discounts From Red Velvet Luxe

The world of luxury products and accessories is vast realm, that signifies the booming economic conditions of individuals, while providing an insightful glimpse into the wide and exquisite range of tastes of the rich and the affluent in clothing, watches, jewelry, accessories etc. There are a great many stores and outlets that offer a wide range of luxury products, but only a handful of them dare to venture into the world of discounts and lesser prices. One such establishment is the all new Red Velvet Luxe at Ridgewood Avenue, North Jersey, where the founder of the retail store, Randi Shinske is now offering its customers high end luxury watches and jewelry at 40 to 70 percent off retail price.

With prior experience in the luxury market, working as a dress buyer for Macy’s,. Ms. Shinske began to turn her immense passion for watches and jewelry into a professional stepping stone as she later held a handful of prestigious posts including that of a senior executive for various brands including Mont Blanc. With her level of expertise in handling personnel, finance and marketing, Red Velvet Luxe has proven to be a great opportunity for her to hone her skills in personal interaction, while providing the very best of the luxury market to her customers, with exciting price tags.

According to Randkin Shinske,

“I have always considered Ridgewood to be my town to shop, but was always amazed that there were no branded jewelry stores in beautiful Ridgewood. I thought it would be fabulous to not only bring luxury brands to the town, but offer them at incredible discounted prices every day.”

Via North Jersey

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