Borella Screen Design Is Ideal for Outdoor Fun

Adventure freaks who like to spend time out in wild away from most entertainment options will love Borella Screen Design that acts as both parasols/sun shades during the day and film projection screen at night. It will be ideal for all outdoor work and fun purposes.

The best part of all modern designers is the fact that they try to discover multi-utility of simple things and come up with excellent creative designs.  Borella screen is a simple screen that is parasol/sunshade to give protection from the sun and it can also be converted into projection screen at night. So this leaves no room for complaints for those who hesitate to step out because of sun and boredom.

Borella Screen is made of marine fabric and stainless steel and is quite sturdy, portable and adjustable. Moreover it looks extremely sophisticated but costs £2,514 which is lesser than other high-end parasols.  I am sure many adventure freaks who are also cine buffs will love to carry this into open spaces and indulgence in sheer luxury of being in Nature and yet not away from modern entertainment hub.

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