Future System Sofa Truly Redefines Sofa and Entertainment Space

Our living spaces are undergoing transformation, thanks to new integrated technology and contemporary furniture designs. Here is a supreme design of Future System Sofa that proves how simple sofa can be completely re designed to redefine a cozy entertainment space within our home. This Future System sofa is highly futuristic because it creates an exclusive recreational space within living room, something which all modern homes lack but they strive to create.

Future System Sofa has resulted from collaboration between Future Systems and Resort Living. It has been designed by renowned designer Jan Kaplicky. It is an awesome modern luxurious and comfortable seating arrangement that creates an exclusive entertainment zone thanks to the LCD TV, built-in LEDS and light fixtures.  It can be coziest corner of home where one can entertain guests or simply watch TV or even play video games or read a book.

It is ideal for studio apartments which have single big room where each corner has to be defined for different purposes. Space constraint is a modern reality but such futuristic sofas will create space within space. These sofas come in different colors and can match any décor. It can even double up as bed for real couch potatoes.

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