Justin Gignac Creates the SECURITY Tag With Gold and Diamonds

The new York based artist, Justin Gignac , in collaboration with the jewellery designer Max Steiner has created this 18k gold plated opulent interpretation of the shoplifters worst enemy. Aptly called SECURITY, Gignac celebrates the banality of a security tag by making it over in gold and throwing in some diamonds as well. This is an out of the box concept that might just work.

Justin is best known for his Need for Sale collections. His security tag in gold is definitely get him more attention for the unusual creation. You can ignore a security tag but not when it is done artistically in gold with some diamonds thrown in as well. Gignac has taken a mundane store item and turned it into a desirable, wearable accessory. You could even use it in a store and claim that you have glamorised shoplifting.

Don’t be surprised if you see the “Security” security tag on your favourite rappers clothing. It is going to work as an accessory because it makes a statement. It is unusual, unique and bold, all at the same time.  The pins are available in two versions – with or without the diamonds and priced at $700 and $500 respectively.

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